Youth and Scout Groups

We cater to small and large youth groups at Derg Isle and offer packages of full day/half day activities with options of overnight camping. Activities include canoeing, raft building, obstacle course, archery and more. We have two campsite areas to pitch your tents and set up camp. Both conveniently located near the showers/toilets/changing rooms. There’s a small kitchen and large dining area available plus our Celtic Hut offers an escape from the outdoors with a fireplace and media equipment for music and dvds. A campfire in the evening under the stars or if the weather doesnt permit, we have an open area with a roof for shelter that allows for a smaller campfire. An evening sing song around the fire can be had whether the skies are cloudy or clear! We proudly host County Scout Camps and Events of over 200 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures and Rovers. We work with the Adventure Skills book in Scouting Ireland and are happy to assist in working towards the following Badges: Camping, Backwoods, Pioneering, Emergency, Paddling, as well as Survival Skills and Leave No Trace techniques. For smaller groups, we offer a special experience of canoeing to our island where the youths can camp overnight. This is designed for Scouts, Ventures, Rovers and Youth Groups aged 12+.



Great facility, lovely environment, good instructors, helpful staff, value for money, very suitable place to bring a scout group
1st/4th Clare Ennis Cubs

Great areas for hanging out and running groups, very relaxed environment
Clare Youth Services


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