The most unique feature of Derg Isle is its magnificent location. Bordered by the River Graney, a natural waterway leading to Derg Isles own 7-acre/2.8 hectare island and far removed from the distractions of everyday life, it is ideally suited for wide-ranging outdoor and indoor team building activities.

  • Before reaching Derg Isles water course, you will pass through 11 acres/4.45 hectares of verdant countryside, custom designed to accommodate wide-ranging and varied facilities for the various training programmes and team building exercises. There are also facilities on site to accommodate lectures and seminars and for re-fuelling afterwards.
  • An additional aspect of the Derg Isle complex is that a bespoke training programme can be developed which will be all inclusive. Our instructors are here to discuss with Team Leaders/ Coaches team or groups requirements.
  • Suitable for groups from 6 – 30, the personal equipment provided for all course personnel and ameneties are listed below; Personnel are advised to bring a change of clothing suitable for the time of year including warm head gear. A second pair of substantial footwear. Wash kit and towel.

2013-10-11 12.35.31Gear Rooms2013-10-11 12.34.11porthole view of Boat

Water based equipment Land based equipment Amenities 
Life preserver Climbing helmet Celtic hut, with pot bellied stove, used for lectures
17′ Old Town Canoe Head torch Power showers/WC’s
Beaver tailed paddle Sub zero sleeping bag and liner Disabled WC
Dry bag 2 man tent Hot tub
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit Ice tub
Compass Knife fork spoon plates Cottage accommodation provided for Team leaders/coaches
Lightweight canoe helmet Poncho All meals provided

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