Who for?

When you leave Derg Isle we are confident you will know your ‘wing man or woman’ far better than before you arrived. If you are really serious about optimising how your team works together, if you want to break through the limitations that curtail your success as a coach, MD or player then try Derg Isle for beautiful surroundings, with a fair chance of getting wet and maybe cold during the day, followed by some good food around a big pot bellied stove and a night or two under the stars on Survival Island.

For sports clubs

  • The Instructors at Derg Isle will endeavour to bring your squad together to form a cohesive and formidable unit by building on the foundations established throughout the course. These foundations are paramount if any team or individual are to succeed in his or her chosen sport. They will stress the importance of good communication between all members throughout the squad. They will identify the player who requires a demonstration of a skill as oppose to the player who is comfortable with a verbal explanation. The natural leader of the group will unknowingly identify himself within the first 24 hours, something for the coaching staff to ponder perhaps. Have you got the right person to skipper your side?
  • The importance of a motivational speech before an important cup game will be discussed. Derg Isle’s video library boast some of the world’s finest pre match talks. We will talk about the poor nights sleep before a big game or performance the next day and realise we are not alone with this experience. As a group we will discuss the need to ‘dig deep’ when we are several points or two tries down or having lost two quick wickets in the first five minutes of the game. How do we explain to our supporters who have enormous expectations, after thrashing the best team in the league the previous Saturday, yet fall short of the mark against a lesser team the following week?
  • These and many more topics will be explored and solutions offered, around a big log burner in the Celtic hut on Survival Island whilst tucking into hot food and maybe a couple of beers after a physically demanding but rewarding day in the forest and on the water.

For corporate groups

  • The success of your business, whatever that may be, is directly affected by the ability of your team to work together optimally. At Derg Isle, we will provide you with an impartial location and unique team building programmes to facilitate this.
  • Here we will set real challenges to your team and push out the boundaries. Now operating on a level playing field, individual team members are assessed on their initiative and work ethic when confronted with both classroom and field – based tasks and provided with the tools to make real improvements, both individually and collectively.
  • For an MD to view his employees in such an environment is invaluable. Imagine restructuring your company and you have to lose two players. How do you decide who to keep and who to let go? As an MD or Line Manager the tasks set by the Instructors will give a huge insight into your work force. Conversely, if the work force is to remain intact the experience at Derg Isle will guarantee a closer and tighter knit unit when returning to the work place.


For youth groups and Schools

  • Is it possible some of your youth group have never had the opportunity to do or see the following?
  • Take a 17′ canoe out onto a massive expanse of water such as Lough Derg or navigate a beautiful river like the Shannon; be dropped 5 miles up stream on the River Graney and float down in a big rubber ring back to the base camp; sleep under the stars on a remote island crammed with wildlife; watch the night sky and witness shooting stars; to wake in the morning with egg and bacon for breakfast and watch a 15 point stag graze 50 metres from your tent.
  • Returning to the base camp after the hearty breakfast and possibly see a kingfisher working a stretch of the Graney hunting for small minnows or roach, or perhaps even better a pair of white tailed sea eagles nesting near Mountshannon.
  • Once back at the base camp be shown by our Instructors how to build a camp fire without matches or lighter – its like magic; split into teams and attempt the assault course; to be challenged in solving problems on the Low Ropes.
  • It is guaranteed that should your group attend Derg Isle for a couple of days and nights our Instructors will do their very utmost to leave your youngsters with memories that will last them a lifetime and we believe they will want to return.