Our Team

Padraig Giblin, Sportsnetting Ltd, Aughrim Scariff

Managing Director- Padraig Giblin

Padraig is a local man with a sporting an fishing background, he has unrivaled knowledge of the local area. He is the driving force behind Derg Isle and strives to see the facility become one of the best facilities in the country for personal development and team building.




High level facilatated Instructors

Local Instructors

Fergus PicFergus is a local instructor. He is a qualified survival instructor and has spent a year in Australia where he gained a cert 4 in outdoor education. He is a qualified obstacle course instructor, O.C.I., and has recently gained a diploma in exercise and health fitness. Fergus has been involved in personal development for 18 years and is also a fully qualified life coach and loves to help people to live to their full potential. He is also a big advocate for the outdoors and is a fully trained Leave No Trace Trainer.

-Derek is another local instructor who is a qualified fitness instructor and has 16 years experience of team development and team building. In addition to this Derek is a qualified obstacle course instructor. He has a wide range of experience in training various teams such as Rugby, Soccer and G.A.A. He is a keen marathon runner and has also ran an ultra marathon as part of the moonlight challenge series in Kent. He has a keen interest in the outdoors and many years of experience in survival training.