Highly Facilitated Team Building and Personal Development


Programmes offered;

The element of surprise exists throughout the stay and to advertise the content of the programme fully on the website would be counter productive. Our instructors can build on any of the following.

  • Integration, both on and off the field;

The Instructors will be aware for instance when a team is brought together for the first time, be it corporate or sports team, there will be new members who have never met the senior players before. This can be a daunting prospect for a new member irrespective of his or her talent. Any of the programmes produced will resolve this issue.

  • The squad will be split into groups of 6 with a blend of personalities, this is determined immediately upon arrival by all individuals completing a questionnaire. There are numerous problem solving exercises involving logic, dexterity and physical fitness. Some of the tasks are classroom based. As one would expect being located on the shores of Lough Derg, many of the tasks are water based. There is a demanding assault course on site testing individuals physical fitness and courage. A Low Ropes course will test the mental agility of all.
  • A brief induction on navigation will be given as the groups will need to locate their overnight accommodation. The overnight accommodation will be provided in the form of 2 man tents. A list of personal equipment provided by Derg Ise can be found under Facilities and Amenities.
  • There will be periods during the course where Coaches / Team Leaders can discuss with our Instructors the strengths and weaknesses of individuals on the various tests set them. Coaches and Team Leaders will see possibly for the first time team members in stress situations away from the field of play or work place.