The success of your business, whatever that may be, is directly affected by the ability of your team to work together optimally. Team building activities are designed to strengthen a workforce and energize the people to develop a strong team spirit.

  • Here at Derg Isle, we will set real challenges to your team and push out the boundaries. Now operating on a level playing field, individual team members are assessed on their initiative and work ethic when confronted with both classroom and field – based tasks and provided with the tools to make real improvements, both individually and collectively.
  • For an MD to view his employees in such an environment is invaluable. Imagine restructuring your company and you have to lose two players. How do you decide who to keep and who to let go? As an MD or Line Manager the tasks set by the Instructors will give a huge insight into your work force. Conversely, if the work force is to remain intact the experience at Derg Isle will guarantee a closer and tighter knit unit when returning to the work place.

The Team Building Workshops offered at Derg Isle help develop the individual worker and help to increase the productivity and profitability of an organisation through better coordinated team work.

Your organisation will leave with the following heightened benefits…

  • Understanding the Importance of Working Towards a Common Goal
  • Improved Communication
  • Increased Problem Solving Capabilities
  • Increased Creativity
  • Improved Trust, Respect and Rapport

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Great day out, very different, great service with lots of good games and activities, very motivated leaders
Grid Network Services, Co. Galway

Staff really enjoyed it, great way to start the year! Perfect way to get to know each other and enjoy eachothers company. It will be of great benefit to the staff in the coming year.
Teachers/staff of Scoil Mhuire, Limerick

We have a diverse group of people with different abilities, different levels of motivation and different goals the day addressed everything and was a fabulous bonding exercise
Ennistymon Sports, Recreation & Exercise Programme Fetac L5, Clare


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