One of Irelands newest and best locations for team building, personal development, survival training and much more. It is a place of great natural beauty, with both a river and island on site, Derg Isle has been custom-built to include first-class amenities.


The Derg Isle logo shows 2 native American Indians within a compass rose. Beneath the compass is the Derg Isle motto in Gaelic ‘Tada gan dua’. Legend has it, in the 6th century an Irish monk, later to become Saint Brendan the Navigator, together with 30 other monks, built a boat made from animal hides and sailed following the Atlantic currents and reached America. It is believed the monks met native American Indians. The extraordinary courage, determination and faith required to undertake such a journey is difficult to comprehend. The Derg Isle motto translated is ‘Nothing without Effort‘.


Derg Isle is simply different:

Different in its unique, unspoiled, 18-acre/7.3 hectare site, located near the County Clare village of Scariff in the beautiful west of Ireland. Derg Isle is nestled along the shores of the Graney River, which flows into nearby Lough Derg. It boasts its own 7-acre/2.8 hectare island and an extensive range of outdoor and indoor facilities.

Different in the calibre of our instructors who have years of international experience in devising and implementing team building programmes, personal development courses and survival training.

Different in our flexibility. We can provide you with custom-built development programmes to meet your group’s individual needs and desired outcomes. We offer food and accommodation including tents, hostel and cottages. The facility is open all year round offering build up pre-season preparation or a ‘wind down’ programme after a successful year.


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